15 Mar

WHY CHOOSE CREATIVE TENDERS? Helping you discover Creative Bids!


WHY CHOOSE CREATIVE TENDERS? Helping you discover Creative Bids!

Creative bids can be difficult to find, so we have put together a short guide to demonstrate how Creative Tenders can help you!

Creative Tenders is an online platform which ensures all UK-wide contracts and tender opportunities (both private and public) are captured from the excessive number of national portals. These are categorised through specific sub-sectors, and uploaded on a user-friendly website – daily!

That’s ‘what’ it is – now let’s go to the ‘why’ you should be using it. 

Are you registered to a platform where you receive opportunities regularly?

If so –surely, you’ll have noticed that you receive opportunities that are not relevant to you. Or, sometimes receive the opportunity one week after it is posted, OR do not receive any opportunities at all.

These are a few of the many key issues we have recognised in our procurement/tendering experiences. Where electronic algorithms based purely on CPV codes hinder any efforts of receiving tender opportunities. We don’t mean to confuse you – but for a lot of SMEs that’s exactly what this is – confusing!

Please see our ‘What are CPV Codes? The Pains of Procurement’ blog to understand what CPV Codes are all about.

Basically – we are the only company in the UK that has sector-specific RESOURCE who scours thousands of internet portals MANUALLY and sends sub-sector opportunities to customers DAILY! Meaning, when our team members come across either public AND/OR private opportunities for creative bids, such as ‘website design’ – this will be immediately published to our customers who identify as a ‘website agency’ (for example).

Creative Tenders offers daily notifications of the most up-to-date business / tender opportunities across the UK. This is filtered and broken down to the following sub-sectors:

  • Design
  • Digital/Software
  • Marketing/Communications/Advertising
  • Video/Animation/Photography
  • Events/Exhibitions
  • PR
  • Print

After careful research and the fact our Growth Director, Jill Hudson (nee. Newey), holds almost two decades worth of experience in the Creative Sector. We know the types of creative bids that YOU WANT to see!

This is one of the 10 platforms we offer, with others including:

Phase 1 of our growth plans is happening now, so you can discover business opportunities that is bespoke to your service offering.

Phase 2 is coming later in the year with the launch of our Tender Connect Service. This will be where customers from our alternative platforms (above) can post private opportunities across another specific platform. i.e. if an events company on Creative Tenders requires catering support they will publish the opportunity to our Hospitality Tenders platform, directly to our Catering customer.

Inter-trading at its finest!

“We have been using Creative Tenders for over 7 months now and have already gained two contract wins based on the private and public opportunities available on this website, that we didn’t come across anywhere else. We love it how all opportunities are in one place and dedicated to the service we offer. This has saved us time seeking these ourselves, which has allowed more time on developing the opportunities at hand.” Design Agency, Creative Tenders.

As some may say – the proof is in the pudding. We offer a FREE demo to anyone who is interested. Get in touch now to join the hundreds of customers who are receiving bespoke opportunities daily!

Let us help you DISCOVER!

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