Video Production Tenders

Published27th March 2023

Video Production Tenders


What are Video Production Tenders?

Do you want to grow your business in video production? Because tenders offer an effective means to secure contracts with new organisations. Tendering is therefore a vital strategy that many use to empower their business.

While different industries will have their own tendering processes the general idea is the same. Tendering is a formal process where an organisation (the ‘buyer’) posts an opportunity for a contract that others can ‘bid’ for. This makes your video production company the ‘supplier’ in this process. Both public and private sector organisations recognise the value of tendering as a fair and transparent procurement method. For the buyer, the goal is to secure the most economically advantageous tender, which you may see referred to as ‘MEAT’.

Understandably, this means that tendering presents you with many opportunities to bid for. This also means many others are bidding for the same opportunities. It is important then to not just focus on how amazing these contracts are but to ensure you are producing amazing proposals that meet buyer specifications. Most importantly, you need to show why you are the best video production company for the job!


A look at the Tendering Process

If you’ve never tendered before the process might look daunting. Here we will make it easier to digest by covering the more important parts. Video production tenders are creative tenders, meaning they will often be Requests for Proposals (RFPs). With RFPs the buyer provides a specification that you use to produce a creative project. The format is usually free form with few restrictions or word count limitations. Does this seem unusual? Consider that creative industries want to see the quality of your creativity! If you can grab their attention and show your talent off this early you are well on your way to winning the contract. If even your bid is amazingly presented, the buyer is assured that your video production skills are similarly skilful.

Generally, there are a few core aspects of tendering that creative industries are recommended to focus on. These are:



  • As we briefly mentioned, having your bid be well-designed is crucial. This is a step where you should consider if you have the skills in-house, as video production and document design require different approaches.


Cultural Alignment

  • Your proposal needs to show that you understand the company you are appealing to. A buyer will prefer a supplier that shows they know their organisation well.


Case Studies

  • These are fundamental in displaying your video production experience. Case studies are your chance to show relevant experience and what you learned from it. Being able to provide several clear examples of similar works completed effectively will look good to any buyer.



  • Similarly to the point on design, creative tenders often give you the opportunity to be creative even at this stage. This means you should showcase your personal brand within your bid.



  • Firstly, you need to consider how much detail the buyer wants from your delivery model. While more is usually better, some buyers will not need as much detail.
  • The aim here is to detail the delivery model for your video project. This might follow the approach of inception, production and post-production. Providing a timescale is also a good idea.


Is Tendering the right approach for Video Production Companies?

Finding the perfect contract is essential for any business. The creative sector constitutes a surprising amount of the UK workforce, with new jobs posted at a faster rate than other sectors. With so many opportunities it is important to know how to efficiently narrow down your options. In the ever-growing pool of video production opportunities, how can you know which will be the absolute best for your company?

Tendering can help. The process allows you to search tendering portals to find specific opportunities that appeal to your company. Additionally, opportunities to bid for work with major and well-respected organisations will arise. Not only will contracts like this be major earning opportunities but they will also improve your company image. Securing contracts will massively expand your professional portfolio, which in turn will help you secure more and more impressive contracts in the future! Overall, tendering does not simply provide a few chances to work, but an abundance of exposure to opportunities that will expand your video production company.


Finding Video Production Tenders

As we discussed earlier, tender portals are typically where you can find your opportunities. Here at Hudson Outsourcing, we have developed tender portals for a wide variety of sectors to ensure the most streamlined experience when searching. For video production, our Creative Tenders Portal is exactly what you need. Our procurement team searches through thousands of sources daily to tag every tender appropriately.

This means that when you come to search less time is spent combing through irrelevant tenders. Instead, you will find only the best tenders for you!


Here are some examples of previous Video Production Tenders Hudson sourced:


  • Advertising Services Framework Agreement

Buyer: University of Huddersfield e-Tendering

Location: Yorkshire

Budget: £3,000,000


  • Photochemical Film Laboratory Services

Buyer: BFI

Location: London

Budget: £250,000


  • University of East London – Digital Content

Buyer: London Universities Purchasing Consortium

Location: London

Budget: £99,000


  • EHRC 2021-20 Film and Video Production Services Framework

Buyer: Equality and Human Rights Commission

Location: North West

Budget: £180,000


  • Freelance Filmmaker, Blaze

Buyer: Arts Council England

Location: London

Budget: £3,000


If you would like to see even more video production bids we worked on, feel free to visit our Creative Tenders Portal.


Contract Winning Bids

After careful consideration, you might have decided that tendering is the right move for your video production business. However, you might run into issues with training someone in-house or finding time in a busy schedule to work on a quality bid.

As mentioned earlier, Hudson Outsourcing can assist you. Our Succeed Team is here to help when you lack the time or resources to produce your bids. Notably, our team holds an 87% success rate from bids produced from over 60 years of bid writing. Should you choose this path, we can guarantee quality.

Other services we can provide include advice on becoming Tender Ready, guidance for Improving your Tendering and even Tender Mentoring! If any of these interest you, we offer free consultations where we can discuss the best approach for your video production tenders. You can call us at 0203 051 2217 or email us at You can also try a free trial of our Creative Tenders site!

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