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Creative Tenders

Here at Creative Tenders, we save you time and money when searching for the opportunities that are right for you.

We source thousands of tenders per week using our highly-skilled procurement team, who categorise sector-specific tenders all in one place using industry-driven keywords. Opportunity has never been so easy, efficient and tailored.

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Hudson Discover

This is a powerful and cohesive platform which encourages inter-trading between our 10 sector-specific opportunity-tracking portals, whilst supporting buyers who need to acquire specific services from our Creative Tenders subscribers.

This platform will revolutionise the way in which organisations conduct business with one another around the globe. Let us help you both buy AND supply simultaneously using our portals.

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Post a Project

Looking to procure a particular service?

We have hundreds of subscribers on our industry-specific portals, meaning if you, for example, require a graphic design service, we can publish this private opportunity exclusively to our quality-driven customers who will respond/quote accordingly.

We will even help you develop the specification, manage any clarifications and shortlist/evaluate all responses for you – FOR FREE!

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Evolving your Business Development
team to win more tenders.

Hudson Succeed offers a range of Bid Writing support to suit all size businesses. We work with clients on both monthly retained agreements and as well as providing one-off mentoring support for important bids.  Our experienced team have multi-disciplinary experience and hold an average success rate of 87%.


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