About Us

We have 15 years experience growing and developing creative and digital businesses across the UK.

We have launched 3 services, Creative Tenders, Creative Growth, and Creative Finder, all with the core goal of growing the UK’s creative and digital sector, and making the creative industries accessible to all size businesses.

We have experience in selling, tender writing, and project managing creative and digital projects into the £millions.

All About Us


Launched in 2015, the business has been formed to support the growth of the creative and digital industries in the UK, by accessing sector specific tenders, quickly and efficiently, proactively sourcing private sector opportunities which will not be posted on any other site, and by helping non-creative and digital businesses to specify their needs and source a supplier from our network of users.

Founder, Jill has an extremely successful sales career in the creative sector spanning 15 years, and has worked for some of the biggest media companies in the world, down to small SME’s looking for market share.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple, we want to grow the UK’s creative and digital sector by streamlining the sales process and helping those smaller agencies who currently operate without a sales manager, and those larger agencies who waste time and resource internally searching hundreds of websites daily to source new tender opportunities.

We want to be an affordable option for all size businesses, to secure new business from both the public and private sector businesses.

Who are we?

We are industry experts with 15 years experience in bidding for, and winning work for all size creative and digital businesses.  Collectively as a team we have worked with over 200 creative and digital business ventures of all kinds including print design, web design, software, media production, marketing, communications and exhibition.

What makes us different?

We know the sector inside out, what makes it tick, what to look out for, how to sell, and how to manage large-scale creative and digital projects.  We will not become just another tender website with the same information as every other tender website out there.  We will carefully select the tenders based on what you want to see, and collate them into one central system, saving time and money.  But more importantly, we will source private sector opportunities that are seen no where else other than our system, and will work with companies to ensure the requirements are specified correctly, giving you access to a steady stream of proactive private sector sales opportunities.

So, what makes us different?  We will grow your business!

Future plans

Our core goal is to become THE tender site for creative and digital opportunities and our core goal for the future is to ensure we have a constant stream of UK wide opportunities, for companies to bid on, which they will not find on any other website.

These opportunities will be showcased on our ever evolving tender website.

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