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Published29th May 2018

Creative Tenders – GDPR certified!

In light of the recent GDPR changes in Europe, we have been ensuring that all Hudson Procurement Group’s companies are updated and follow the necessary procedures.

For the main part, we were already compliant with the standards set by the General Data Protection Regulation. We believe that businesses such as ourselves, should be completely transparent with how and why we use data – so here are just a few of the ways that we have accommodated our policy in response to these changes.

  • Policy Updates – We have updated all of our privacy updates so that they are clearly structured and simple to understand.
  • ICO Membership – We have been a member of the ICO for the past two years and recently renewed our membership in coherence with the GDPR legislation.
  • Reduced Access – We have limited the number of employees who are able to access personal information about our customers.
  • Insurance – We have always been insured in the unlikely event of a data breach – as all businesses should be.

The long and short of it:

If you don’t have time to trawl through our entire privacy policy here is a condensed summary of what we use your data for;

  • In-house Analytics – We closely monitor our website analytics to ensure that we are constantly improving the user experience and to track the efforts of our team.
  • Cookie Tracking – Just as the majority of online businesses use cookies, we also track the user path of visitors to our site to further our knowledge of our customers. This allows us to create a personalised service for our customers and show the right people, the relevant information.

Group CEO, John Hudson said ‘We believe in maintaining the privacy of our customers and every visitor who uses our sites. This is why we feel it is very important to declare ourselves as GDPR certified. We implement company-wide policies to prevent data breaches however, we are thoroughly protected for extra security.’

As mentioned, we have always taken care of our customer’s personal data and abide by the new regulations.

For more information as to our GDPR compliance please get in touch HERE!


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