Focused growth continues at Creative Tenders

Published7th August 2016

Focused growth continues at Creative Tenders

Creative Tenders are growing once again with their latest recruit, an MBA graduate from Durham University.

Adhitya Vohra has joined Creative Tenders for a 3-month project looking at how the business will successfully launch the Creative Tenders product into international markets. The project is a critical step to forecasting how the management team will dominate the tendering market. This is not only in the UK but also internationally.

“We believe that geography should no longer be a factor into where we seek new business or our suppliers. With the ever changing landscape of technology and how we communicate with our clients and suppliers, we can see huge scope in bringing additional work to the UK from other markets” said John Hudson, Managing Director.

“Our marketing director Jill Hudson drives forward this strategy every day. We currently communicate with 850,000 businesses in the UK selling the services of Creative Tenders and Creative Finder. We want to double this within the next 12 months and we will continue to work hard to grow the creative industries” he added.

Jill Hudson added “Adhitya joins us with not only an impressive MBA from Durham University but 4 years professional experience working for organisations like Deutsche Bank and Citicoro Services India. He officially starts in our company on the 11th July 2016 and we are looking forward to seeing the end result and being able to drive forward our international strategy”.


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