26 Aug

Creative Tenders Team Profiles – Jill Hudson


Jill Hudson

When did you start working in the creative sector?

16 years ago.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the sector in the last ten years?

When I started working in the sector 16 years ago I was given the role of training sales and marketing professionals UK wide with how to use technology to maximise sales performance in the creative sector.  At the time this was really innovative stuff that only a few had adopted.  Today this software is just day-to-day business practice.  Although the company I worked for was a huge media company that dominated the UK market with its head office in the UK (London), we used an American company to develop the solution.   Today this talent would be found tenfold on our own doorstep.

What made you stay in the creative sector?

I love this sector, I love everything about it, the buzz of generating new business, the process of taking a company through a re-brand, bid writing for my creative clients and reviewing new products and ever-changing developments the sector is adopting.

What is your biggest achievement in the sector?

As of today I have supported, worked with and helped to grow 517 businesses in the sector, and closed multi-millions in new business for my clients.  Due to the launch of Creative Tenders, this will now grow every day.

If you could describe the sector in 3 words what would you say?

Rewarding, energetic and sociable

If you could see any development in the creative sector, what would it be?

Small businesses to see the power of exporting their services worldwide, geography should no longer be an issue with the services we offer as a sector.

If you didn’t work at in the creative industries what would you do?

I would be an author (which I suppose is still in the creative sector really isn’t it).

What 3 skills do you think you need to be successful in this sector?

Passionate, innovative and unafraid

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