Published31st May 2018

Bid Writing training for free? – No Really!

We have exciting news! There are only four more days to wait until the launch of Tender VLE. As mentioned in our most recent NEWS, Tender VLE will be the UK’s FIRST FREE bid writing training platform. The site will consist of video-led masterclasses, delivered by our expert, in-house, bid management team.

Additionally to the main site, we will also offer a LinkedIn forum service.

What will the forum be used for?

  • Asking questions – After watching any of our videos on Tender VLE, should you still be left with unanswered questions about any of the topics – this is the place to go! Simply join the forum and ask away. One of our tendering experts will respond as soon as possible.
  • Request a topic – Is there a particular aspect of the tendering process that you would like us to cover? Let us know! If we haven’t already addressed it, we will ensure that all requested topics are covered!
  • Interact with others – The beauty of a LinkedIn forum is that you can see the questions that others have asked, along with the answers given by our bid writing, training, experts.

This forum can be used to ask us anything, our experts will do their best to respond to every question in as much detail as possible.

Senior Tender Consultant, Daniel Hall said ‘Our dedicated LinkedIn forum will be a great way for us to stay connected with our Tender VLE users. It will also help us to produce in-depth content as we move forward with the platform as we can understand the exact needs of our visitors.’

Daniel Hall will be the first instructor to appear on the site when Tender VLE launches next week. He will be taking you through the START levels of tendering, perfect for those who are either new to tendering or in need of a refresher course.

CLICK HERE to access our dedicated LinkedIn forum or simply search ‘Tender VLE Forum’ within LinkedIn!

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