23 May

Are you a sales professional in the creative sector?


Are you a sales professional working in the creative sector?  Need help sourcing quality leads?

Calling all creative sector sales professionals!

Are you sick and tired of searching hundreds of tender sites trying to find suitable opportunities for your business to bid for? Are you fighting against a huge target and struggling to see straight? Do you hate cold calling and wish someone were doing it for you?

We understand the bugbears that sales professionals in our sector face. So many people tell us they hate cold calling. Hey we built a strong business from the fact that sales professionals in the creative sector hated cold calling. It takes a specific type of person who loves cold calling, but managing this team also take strong and coordinated management. Not a skill that many creative sector owners have from their own admission.

Our system doesn’t compete with sales professionals it supports sales professionals. Your sales professionals should focus on what they do best and let us do the leg work. We work with sales professionals not against them, we aim to fill their inbox with lead after lead for them to respond to and submit a winning bid.

Sales professionals shouldn’t see us as a threat, if anything we are an extension of their team and your dedicated account manager from Creative Tenders will be working with you to understand the types of clients you are looking to win so that they can brief our calling teams to run targeted campaigns aimed at populating the system with relevant tender opportunities.

Sounds fantastic right? You can sign up today!

Look forward to working with you!


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