The importance of receiving tender / proposal feedback on Graphic Design Tenders

Published16th February 2015

The importance of receiving tender / proposal feedback on Graphic Design Tenders

It’s disappointment when we receive the unwanted email from those companies we have tendered for, and sometimes more than others. But why is this?

Many of us tender for work, which we would like to win, but know deep down it’s a long shot.  Does that mean you shouldn’t tender for it?  Not, not necessarily, as long as you have the time to spend on research and development.  Securing brand recognition and developing a tender that will win against all other companies, is no easy task, and many people ask us for advice about how to create a tender which will win.

The best advice we can give is to ask for advice.  No one likes to hear that the work they have done isn’t good enough, but we truly believe that this is the only way that business development teams will improve on their tender writing skills, gain a better understanding of what people want when tendering for work, and how to improve products and services that will be attractive to potential customers.

Entering the market

This becomes even more important to understand new competitors entering the market, understanding your pricing models and if they sit well within the current marketplace, and give you ideas for what the market want and need in terms of product and service.

When initially understanding that you have lost a tender opportunity, ask further questions if they give you an option for further feedback, ensuring the next time you bid for work you don’t keep making the same mistakes time and time again.

One final bit of advice would be to generate a checklist for tender opportunities, allowing you to mark and give yourself percentages against each question.  If you don’t get over 80% in your own markings, don’t tender for the work.  We have lived by this rule.  You can see an example of this document here.

Tendering for work is an art, once you have mastered your target market, your pricing strategy and have a good bank of case studies, more and more tenders will become possible for your business.

If you require support with writing bids you can also contact our bid writing division Hudson Succeed who hold an 87% bid success rate when tendering for contracts.

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