20 Sep

Your 12 months’ commitment

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Your 12 months’ commitment.

We’re often asked by companies who are interested in our system why we ask for a 12 months’ subscription.  There are multiple reasons for this so I thought I would sum it up in a quick blog.

First and foremost, we believe that in order to get a true reflection of any business development activities you have to give it a decent run.  All of us who have been through the tendering process know the in-depth process of sourcing potential opportunities, responding by the deadline provided and waiting whilst the decision is made on the successful provider.

By giving monthly access to the system, we’re saying that we expect our businesses to start winning work immediately and they will find the perfect opportunity for their business on day one.  We can’t and we don’t make that promise.  Every business is different, and every business has different requirements of what they’re looking for and industries in which they want to work.

It is also industry standard to commit to 12-months subscription for this very reason.  It’s to give you a decent run at seeing a good return on investment.  Also this gives us a chance to work with you as an outsourced business development partner.

We’re very open on our website, with lots of ways to get in touch, and we encourage people to get in touch to see a live demo of the system. This allows you to see the types of creative contracts in the UK we have on our system. For ease we have supplied examples of past tenders across various creative sub sectors which include:

When people have signed up, we contact them after their first month to ask how they wish to be account managed.  Some clients like to be emailed every single time a suitable tender comes onto the system. However, others prefer to use the system alone and be contacted once a month to check everything is ok.  We’re happy if you’re happy.

We’re always happy to stay in touch…

Our subscribers are informed on day one of sign up, who their account manager is and their contact details for getting in touch.  We’re only ever a phone call away Monday-Friday 9-5, and you’re always likely to get a response out of hours as our team are very keen on developing positive relationships.

Once you’ve been introduced to your account manager, they will ask several questions about the type of work you’re looking for.  This information is shared in our weekly sales meetings which gives the Creative Finder sales team a brief of what types of opportunities you want to see on our system.  We’re so much more than a technology platform, so asking people to commit to 12-months’ is essential for us to see a return on the time we invest into our customers.  As business owners we know you will understand this concept.

We’ve so many happy customers in just the short 3 months we’ve been live, we save agencies so much time by searching over 1,000 websites every single day to source new tenders. With our Creative Finder sales team, we know given the period of time we’re asking you to commit, that we can help you grow and play a part in your proactive business development activities.

Our founders John and Jill are always happy to answer any questions our customers or prospective customers have about our services. Please don’t hesitate to contact them anytime on their direct email addresses john@creativetenders.co.uk and jill@creativetenders.co.uk.

Look forward to working with you in the future.

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