Past Marketing Tenders

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Previous Marketing Tenders

Marketing & Branding
    • Buyer: Tesso bridges 
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: £7,000
Contract for the Provision of an Annual Publicity & Marketing Plan for Road Safety Great Britain North East
    • Buyer: Gateshead Council 
    • Location: North East 
    • Budget: £10,000
Digital Marketing Solution Including Website
    • Buyer: James James Kitchens
    • Location: North West
    • Budget: £16,000
EU Media Monitoring
    • Buyer: Office of Rail and Road 
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £45,000
IMMEX City Marketing & Publicity Partner
    • Buyer: Sunderland Software City 
    • Location: North East 
    • Budget: £20,000
Targeted Cancer Prevention Campaign
    • Buyer: Leeds City Council
    • Location: Yorkshire
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Election-Related Media and Social Media Monitoring in the Philippines
    • Buyer: Westminster Foundation for Democracy Ltd
    • Location: London
    • Budget: £45,000
Communications and Advertising Framework
    • Buyer: Southern Water Services Ltd 
    • Location: South East
    • Budget: £12.8 million 
Freelance Media Relations and PR Consultant
    • Buyer: Coventry City of Culture Trust 
    • Location: West Midlands 
    • Budget: Undisclosed
PR campaign - Well-being of Future Generations Act
    • Buyer: Future Generations Commissioner for Wales 
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Sefton Tourism PR Agency
    • Buyer: Sefton Council 
    • Location: North West 
    • Budget: £36,000
Digital Media Planning and Campaign Management
    • Buyer: National Insitute for Health and Care Excellence 
    • Location: North West 
    • Budget: £86,000
Public Relations Agency – 2023 Cycling World Championships
    • Buyer: 2023 Cycling World Championships Ltd 
    • Location: Scotland 
    • Budget: £165,000
Digital Health & Care Wales Brand Development & Recruitment
    • Buyer: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership 
    • Location: Wales 
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Media and Social Media Monitoring
    • Buyer: Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament 
    • Location: Wales
    • Budget: Undisclosed
‘Festival’ Marketing Campaign and Delivery Plan
    • Buyer: East Riding of Yorkshire Council 
    • Location: Yorkshire
    • Budget: £20,000
Awareness Campaign on Inhalers (C52043)
    • Buyer: NHS England & NHS Improvement 
    • Location: Yorkshire 
    • Budget: £76,000
    • Buyer: Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust 
    • Location: East Midlands 
    • Budget: £160,000
Provision of Marketing Services Relating to the Calderdale Tourism & Culture Campaign 2021/22
    • Buyer: Calderdale Council 
    • Location: Yorkshire 
    • Budget: Undisclosed
Contract for Advertising and Communication Campaigns (Rest of World Market)
    • Buyer: Queen’s University
    • Location: Northern Ireland
    • Budget: Undisclosed

Please note this is only a small selection of the tenders we have on our portal.

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We source opportunities including:

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We understand that tender tracking can consume your valuable time and resources.

This is why Hudson has developed Creative Tenders. A time-saving tool for bustling marketing companies around the UK.

Our Creative Tenders portal saves you time and money, whilst searching for the latest marketing opportunities that are right for you. We source new marketing tenders every day using our high-skilled Procurement Team. The team categorise sector-specific tenders all in one place using industry-driven keywords.

We have eliminated the frustration of other tendering platforms, by creating a sector-specific creative portal. This leaves your company with more time to get creative!

We bring you a range of public and private sector business opportunities, from hundreds of different sources and over 800,00 buyers, both in the UK and our ever-growing European market.

So, if you are looking for a dedicated portal, updated daily with a consolidated approach to sourcing opportunities, our Creative Tenders portal is perfect for your company.


The budgets for marketing tenders are vast and can start from around £4K, so marketing companies of all sizes could benefit from subscribing. Buyers may purchase via direct contracts, as well as multi-provider frameworks, giving companies a better chance at winning the work. This could be a perfect opportunity if you are new to tendering.

Buyers of marketing services are often wanting to know how your company will deliver the specified services and how you would meet the brief. To help you choose the best marketing opportunity for you, we have Hudson Helpline to assist.

We also have our team of efficient Bid Writers at Hudson Succeed, who proudly hold a success rate of 87%. Our fantastic team can assist you and create high-quality technical responses with minimal input, should you not have the required in-house resources. Our Hudson Succeed service was created to help you submit winning bid submissions without the demand of sacrificing other business commitments.

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