How Creative Tenders Works

Creative Tenders is a time-saving tool used by creative professionals to help them sell into the UK market.

Instead of spending hours searching for new UK business opportunities, our smart search solution does all the hard work for you.

Start receiving creative business leads today!

RFPs from hundreds of sources

We source new RFPs daily from hundreds of sources across the UK, for businesses around the globe.

Manual opportunity tracking

Our team of Opportunity Trackers manually identify and upload each RFP individually. No CPV codes (these are used by UK buyers to categorize RFPs) or algorithms!

Industry-driven keywords

To ensure maximum relevancy, we use industry-driven keywords to categorize each RFP, allowing you to quickly find the most suitable opportunities.

Public, private, and exclusive RFPs

We actively source both public and private sector RFPs as well as unique opportunities, exclusive to our portal.

Email alerts and portal access

There’s no limit on the number of colleagues who can access your account. But don’t worry if you don’t have time to log in! We’ll send you a daily email alert.

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