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We source new UK-based RFPs (known in the UK as tendering opportunities) every day using our highly skilled team. We categorize sector-specific RFPs all in one place using industry-driven keywords. Opportunity tracking has never been so easy, efficient, and tailored.

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What is Creative Tenders?

Time-saving tool

Creative Tenders is a time-saving tool. Instead of spending hours searching for new business opportunities and UK RFPs, we bring them straight to you.

No CPV codes

We don’t rely on CPV codes (which are codes used by UK buyers to categorize RFPs) at Creative Tenders. Instead, our team of Opportunity Trackers manually search hundreds of sources and manually upload each UK-based RFP to our portal.


Your time is precious! Don’t waste it wading through irrelevant tenders. All the UK RFP opportunities on the portal have been hand-picked for creative businesses like yours.


This is a powerful and cohesive platform which encourages inter-trading between our 11 sector-specific RFP-tracking portals, whilst supporting buyers who need to acquire specific services from our Creative Tenders subscribers.

This platform will revolutionize the way in which organizations conduct business with one another around the globe. Let us help you both buy and supply simultaneously by using our portals.

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Looking to procure a particular service?

We have hundreds of subscribers on our industry-specific RFP portals, meaning if you, for example, require a graphic design service, we can publish this private opportunity exclusively to our quality-driven suppliers who will respond/quote accordingly.

We can even help you develop the specification, manage any clarifications, and shortlist/evaluate all responses for you via our Hudson Procure Division.

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Need help with writing an RFP response?

Our sister company, Hudson Succeed, maintains a highly accomplished team who have been writing winning RFP responses in the UK and overseas for over 60 years.

They proudly hold an 87% bid success rate, and they have vast experience in the creative industry.

We source UK RFPs for sub-sectors including Digital Services, Design, Events Management, Marketing, PR, Print, Video Production and many more.